AREMA Standard Railroad Tie Plates

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AREMA Standard Railroad Tie Plates for Sale

AREMA Standard Railroad Tie Plates for Sale

What is AREMA standard railroad tie plate? It is a kind of railroad tie plate comply with AREMA standard. Rail tie plate, also called rail plate, base plate or solo plates, is a thick steel-made panel which sits between the rails and rail sleepers on a standard railway track. The tie plates can increase the bearing area and hold the rail to keep correct gauge. They are properly fastened to wooden sleepers by means of spikes or bolts and nuts through the holes in the plates.
(We have special types of AREMA hook twin tie plate made in China, click for details.)

Specifications of AREMA Standard Railroad Tie Plates

AREMA stands for American Railway Engineering and Maintenance of Way Association.

AREMA PLAN# series tie plates are our hot-sales products. Now let’s look at the specifications from the Table 1 and 2.

Table 1 Chemical Composition of AREMA Tie Plates

Element Chemical Analysis Weight Percent Product Analysis Weight Percent Allowance Beyond Limits of Specified Chemical Analysis
Low Carbon Tie Plates High Carbon Tie Plates Under Minimum Limit Under Minimum Limit
Carbon 0.150min to 0.349 0.350 to 0.850 0.04 0
Phosphorous 0.050max 0.050max N/A 0.008
Sulfur 0.040max 0.040max N/A 0.008

Table 2 Category of AREMA Tie Plates

PLAN 3 16.69# A&B 7-3/4”×12” 5-1/2”
PLAN 4 14.09# B 7-3/4”×11” 5-1/2”
PLAN 5 17.13# A&B 7-3/4”×12” 5-1/2”
PLAN 7 20.56# A&B 7-3/4”×13” 5-1/2”
PLAN 8 23.93# A 7-3/4”×14” 5-1/2”
PLAN 10 18.76# A&B 7-3/4”×13” 6”
PLAN 12 22.45# A&B 7-3/4”×14” 6”
PLAN 12 22.45# A 7-3/4”×14-3/4” 6”

The use of single or double shoulder tie plates can make a more stable track frame and lengthen the service life of wood sleepers. Tie plates are made of punched and sheared hot-rolled steel sections, which can provide proper cant, uniform bearing surface for the rail and get better load distribution to the sleepers. They can hold the rails to keep gauge and provide more uniform wear to rail head and protect against undue wear to the sleepers. Tie plates are designed with a long end to be installed outside of the rails. Single shoulder of tie plate is placed on the field end of the plate. The gauge end of the plate is placed inside of the rails. Single shoulder or double shoulder tie plate is usually made by the hot-rolled, sheared and punched methods. The materials include low carbon steel–AISI 1020, 1030 and high carbon steel–AISI 1045, 1060. In China, the material is usually Q235 steel. Their surfaces are often done black, coating or hot dip galvanized treatment.

Hot-sale AREMA Standard Railroad Tie Plates

Hot-sale AREMA Standard Railroad Tie Plates

AGICO Company specializes in manufacturing railway accessories. To ensure higher quality, our steel rails have undergone many key tests, including chemical composition test, etc.

Our hot-sales AREMA PLAN# series tie plates include PLAN#4 plate, PLAN#12 plate and PLAN#13 plate. We can manufacture other types of tie plates according to the requirements and drawings of the clients. Contact with us for more information, please!

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