Railway Fastening System

AGICO Rail Fastening System

Rail fastening system is used to link steel rail with the sleeper parts (or other types of rail parts), it also known as the intermediate coupling parts. Its role is to make the steel rail fixed on the rail sleeper, at the same time maintain track spacing and prevent steel rail lateral movement relative to the rail sleeper.

Railway fastening system usually includes rail clip, screw spike, rail pad, tie plate, rail shoulder,stainless steel fasteners and so on. Rail fastener should be able to effectively maintain long-term and be reliable connection between steel rail and sleeper, and can give full play to the cushioning performance under dynamic effect, delay the orbit residual deformation accumulation. So it should have sufficient strength, durability and a degree of elasticity that should also be simple in structure, easy to install and remove. In addition, for the prestressed concrete sleeper, railway fastener should also have enough pressure and the gauge, level adjustment quantity.

Rail Fastening System for Wooden Sleeper

Wooden sleeper fastener is used for connecting steel rails with wooden sleepers. Based on the relationship among steel rail, rail pad and sleeper, wooden sleeper fasteners can be divided into separate type and mixed type.

Separate type fastener is to separate the rail bolts or rail spikes which fix steel rail and tie plate. Rail spike is commonly used in the rail tie plate fixed on the sleeper, there have groove on the tie plate that can support the steel rail, a fixed rail bolt is installed on the rail tie plate, then fixed the steel rail with rail clip or rail clamp.

Mixed type fastener is composed of rail tie plate and track spike. Dog spike can directly make the steel rail, rail tie plate and sleeper tie together. Due to less pressure, in order to prevent steel rail longitudinal crawling, rail anchors are need more .

Rail spike Fastening system
Item Quantity Material
Track/Cut Spike 5 Q235A
Tie plate 1 QT450-10 for casting
Q235 for rolling

Rail Fastening System for Concrete Sleeper

Because of the large weight, high stiffness, concrete sleeper have high performance requirement of rail fastener, for the pressure, elastic and adjustable buckle are more strict requirements.

SKL3/SKL12/SKL14 rail fastening system

SKL 14 rail fastening
Item Quantity Material
SKL tension clip 2 60Si2CrA, 60Si2CrA, 38Si7
Ss35 screw spike 2 Grade 4.6: Q235
Grade 5.6: 35#
Grade 8.8: 45#
Flat washer 2 Q235
Plastic dowel 2 HDPE, Reinforced Nylon 66(PA66)
Guide plate 2 Reinforced Nylon 66 (PA66)
Rail pad 1 EVA, or rubber

KPO Rail Fastening System

KPO rail fastening system
Item Quantity Material
KPO clip 2 Q235
Screw spike 2 Grade 4.6: Q235
Grade 5.6: 35#
Grade 8.8: 45#
HS bolt 4 Grade 4.6: Q235
Grade 5.6: 35#
Grade 8.8: 45#
Hex nut 2 Grade 5: 35#
Grade 8: 45#
Double coil spring washer 2 65Mn

Spring Blade Fastening

Spring blade fastening
Item Quantity Material
Clip 2 60Si2CrA, 60Si2CrA
Insulator 2 Reinforced Nylon 66(PA66)
Screw spike 2 Grade 5.6: 35#
Spring washer 2 ML08AI

Type WJ-8 fastening system

It applies to 60 kg/m rail for ballastless track and concrete sleeper with shoulder.

Type WJ-8 fastening system
WJ-8 fastening system

Clip V fastening system

It applies to 60 kg/m rail for ballastless track and concrete sleeper with shoulder.

Clip V fastening system
Clip V fastening system

Type DTVI2 Fastening System

It applies to 60 kg/m rail for concrete sleeper without shoulder and is indirect spring system with gauge adjustment range: +8~-12mm.

Type DTVI2 Fastening System
Type DTVI2 Fastening System

Clip IV fastening system

It applies to 60 kg/m rail for ballasted track and concrete sleeper without shoulder.

Clip IV fastening system
Clip IV fastening system

Railway Fastener Performance Characteristics

According to the requirements of new rail transportation, railway fastener should have the following characteristics:
a.Enough strength and durability
With long transit time, high traffic density and bad maintenance conditions, rail fastener must have sufficient strength.
b.Maintain track spacing and adjust performance
Rail transit with track structure, curve radius is small, rail wear always exist. It requires that the track spacing, level of fasteners should be adjusted performance, in order to solve the curve rail abrasion and the structure of error caused by the uneven settlement and construction level gauge, rail overrun.
c.Good insulation performance
Rail transit generally use the rails as a return rail, which requires the fastener must have good insulation performance, prevent leakage caused by electric current through the fastener, corrosion of steel structure and municipal pipelines.
d.Good vibration damping elasticity
City rail traffic through the residential area, on the vibration and noise of high environmental requirements, railway fastener must have good damping properties, attenuation of track vibration, reduce noise propagation.
e.General interchangeability
Fastener structure should be simple, less components, has certain universality and interchangeability, low cost, convenient construction and maintenance.
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