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Hook Twin Tie Plate is used for frogs, guard rails and the places behind the heel of switch. Hook twin tie plate is a special kind of tie plate, which can fasten the railroad sleepers and steel rails. The only different point from tie plate is that here is not for rail but for frog which consists of two point rails, two guard rails (also be called check rails), two wing rails and other accessories. They are always used in pairs between the frogs to ensure the tie spacing.

Hook twin tie plates

Perfect Design of Hook Twin Tie Plate Made in China

Hook twin tie plate is a special type of rail tie plate that can fasten the railway sleepers and railroad steel rails. The different design from common rail tie plate is that it is not for rail but only for frog. A complete set of frog consists of 2 point rails, 2 guard rails (also called check rails), 2 wing rails and the other accessories. They are always used in pairs between the frogs to ensure the tie spacing.

The plate has a hook for securing the rail, frog or other switch components to railway sleepers. It includes 2 main types: L plate with a hook and 9/16" tall; H plate with a hook and 15/16" tall. Their lengths are 23", 27", 31" and 35". They are 3/4" thick and usually made of hot rolled steel. It is a hot-rolled steel plate with several spike holes that are punched for track spikes to fasten. A forged hook is integral with the steel plate and used on the base of the rail or frog, which is much the same as the offset head of a rail spike in function.

Hot-sales rail products: AREMA Hook Twin Tie Plates

Extensive use of hook twin tie plates means that they are leading used in North America for standard rail sections. Due to the excellent performance of pre-drilled slotted holes, hook twin tie plates can fit almost any section of rail available in North America. Thus, we warmly and confidently welcome the clients all over the world.

Hook twin tie plate

AGICO has leading level in the field of AREMA hook twin tie plates; we are the first producer of 3/4’’ and 1’’ thick hook twin tie plates in China. AGICO has professional processing workshops and production lines for hook twin tie plates, annual output can reach 1000MTS.

Our Hot-sales Hook Twin Tie Plate Products are:

The 3/4” thick hook twin tie plates include: L27, L23, L31, LR23, LR27, LR31, H23, H27, H31 and H35.

The 1” thick hook twin tie plates include: L29, L33, L37, LR23, LR28, LR32, LR36, H29, H33, H37 and H41.

Our Steel Raw Material for Hook Twin Tie Plate Made in China

Our steel material is usually Q235 steel. Among the market, the 3/4” thick and 1” thick HTTPs are mostly popular in North America. With a modern production line, our workshop is a modern and special one and we are capable of producing such products for 1000MTS annually.

Hook twin plate

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If your railway system needs to be changed of add new hook twin tie plates, contact AREMA hook twin tie plates producer AGICO today. Our railroad experts will help you choose the best suitable hook tie plates for you.

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