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AGICO Rail Clip Superiorities

AGICO has passed the qualification certification of China’s ministry of railway and through the international ISO9001 – 2008 certification and SGS official certification. Our factory capacity is huge, the monthly output can reach 5,000,000 pieces, can provide accurate delivery, shorten the delivery period for customers. AGICO’s production base strength is abundant, varieties of rail clips can meet the different requirements from different countries. Railroad clips have the advantages of high precision product design, strong tension and superior corrosion resistance. With professional production technology, make our products size more accurate, all of our rail clips can meet the industry standards, especially the use of high quality spring steel, more to ensure that the quality of each rail clip. AGICO rail clip is your best choice.

Rail clips 2
Rail clips

AGICO provides a variety of rail clip types for you to choice, such as E-type clips (E1609, E1809, E1817, E2007, E2009, E2055, etc), SKL rail clamps (SKL1, SKL3, SKL12,SKL14, SKL75, etc) , gauge lock clip, Deenik clip as well as other standard and non-standard clips. We can also produce customized by drawings or samples for customers.

types of rail clips

Rail Clips Product Process

Rail clips

AGICO Main Rail Clips

Model Diameter Weight Material
Type III Ø 18 0.80kg/pc 60Si2MnA
E1609 Ø 16 0.43kg/pc 60Si2MnA
E1809 Ø 20 0.61kg/pc 60Si2MnA
E1813 Ø 18 0.62kg/pc 60Si2MnA
E2001 Ø 20 0.80kg/pc 60Si2MnA
E2007 Ø 20 0.80kg/pc 60Si2MnA
E2009 Ø 20 0.80kg/pc 60Si2MnA
E2039 Ø 20 0.80kg/pc 60Si2MnA
E2055 Ø 20 0.80kg/pc 60Si2MnA
E2056 Ø 20 0.80kg/pc 60Si2MnA
E2063 Ø 20 0.80kg/pc 60Si2MnA
SKL 1 Ø 13 0.48kg/pc 60Si2CrA
SKL 3 Ø 13 0.48kg/pc 60Si2CrA
SKL 12 Ø 13 0.53kg/pc 38Si7
SKL 14 Ø 13 0.53kg/pc 60Si2MnA
Special Rail Clip Ø 13 0.48kg/pc 60Si2MnA
Russia Rail Clip Ø 18 0.58kg/pc 60Si2MnA
Deenik Clip Ø 25 0.49-0.68kg/pc 60Si2MnA
Single Anti-theft Ø 20 0.25kg/pc 60Si2MnA

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