Why Can't You Smoke On High Speed Trains?

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With the development of the times and the progress of science and technology, people's lives have undergone tremendous changes. Among them, the changes in transportation are particularly prominent, and high speed rail is born in such an environment. In China, from the previous situation of more than 10 hours or even more than 20 hours of cross-provincial travel by land transportation, the current high-speed rail has been reduced to a few hours to complete a journey. It greatly facilitates people's travel and promotes people's communication throughout the country.

Why Can't You Smoke On High Speed Trains?

People who often travel to work and travel with other places will find that smoking is not allowed in China's high-speed railway, but it can be done in some other countries, such as Japan. Why can we smoke on Japan’s high speed trains, but China can’t? Let's analyze them from several perspectives.

The Construction of High Speed Trains

Japan's high speed train has two special carriages for people to smoke. Due to the presence of the smoking car, most of their high speed trains have higher requirements for fire prevention. And equipped with a higher cost ventilation equipment is provided to ensure that the smoke concentration in the carriage is not too high to cause personnel accidents. Therefore, the increase in energy consumption and personnel management costs is also balanced by raising the price of high speed train.

Japan can adopt such a structure of high speed train design, passenger traffic is small, easy to control is the main reason. China is the world's most populous country, and the number of people smoking is huge. Coupled with dense passenger traffic, if China also uses such smoking carriages, there will undoubtedly be a huge potential safety hazard.

Japan high speed train smoking room

In addition, many sections of the operation of high-speed railway are built with various Bridges instead of roads. As a result, if the accident is caused by smoking and the rescue is stopped halfway, the rescue must be carried out from the bridge, which makes the rescue much more difficult. There is smoke concentration on the high-speed train in China. If the concentration of smoke reaches a certain concentration, the high-speed train will stop running.

High-speed Rail Operation Market

The second reason why high speed train cannot smoke is the national conditions, which is the difference in operating market. Because Japan is an island country, the running time of high speed train will not be too long, so the probability of accidents will be greatly reduced in a very short time. China has a vast territory and travels for several hours each time. Such a long journey will make many bored people gather together to chat in the smoking car, which is bound to increase the frequency of smoking and increase safety risks.

To sum up the above factors, the prohibition of smoking on high speed train is the greatest guarantee for passenger safety, and also the best choice based on the national conditions. It's dangerous to stop the high speed train because of smoking and delay the whole train. So high speed trains in China do not allow smoking.

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