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Why We Need Railway Fasteners Fastening the Track?

why we need railway fasteners fastening track

Railway fasteners are used to connect the track rail and sleeper (or other type foundation under rail) parts, also known as the middle connecting parts. Its role is to be fixed on the rail sleeper, keep track and prevent rail sleeper relative to the vertical and horizontal move. Railway fastening system is divided into: clip fastening system, buckle fastening system, clamp fastener system.

Wooden Sleeper Fasteners

wooden sleeper fasteners

The wooden sleeper fastener is a connecting part for connecting the rail and the wooden sleeper on the wooden sleeper rail. The relationship between the connection of rail, sleeper and rail tie plate is divided into: separate type and mixed type.

The separate type fastener is to separate the rail bolts and rail spikes which fastening steel rail and rail tie plate. We generally use rail spikes fixed the rail tie plate on the wooden sleeper, rail tie plate has bearing rail groove, fixed rail bolts installed in the rail tie plate,and then use

the rail clip or buckle plate fixed the rail. Mixed type fastener is composed of rail iron plate and track spikes. Use dog spike (square) directly connected the rail and sleepers and iron plate get together. Buckle pressure is small; in order to prevent the longitudinal rail crawling, need more anti climbing equipment.

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