Why Rail Tracks Need to Use Rail Anchor

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What Is Rail Anchor?

what is rail anchor

When the train is running, often producing the role of the longitudinal forces on the rail, so that longitudinal movement of the rail, and sometimes even drives the sleeper to move together. This kind of longitudinal movement, called crawling. Crawling generally occurs in the double track railway line interval, single track railway, under the direction of heavy vehicles on the ramp and stop braking range.

Line crawl often caused by uneven rail gap, sleeper skew and so on, the destructive of the line, or even derail the vehicle runway, endanger road safety. Therefore, effective measures must be taken to prevent the crawling, usually adopt rail anchor to prevent line crawling.

Rail Anchor Can Prevent Railway Line Crawling

rail anchor can prevent railway line crawling
  • Line Crawling--Because of the train operation when the longitudinal effect, which makes the rail longitudinal mobile even drive the sleeper, this phenomenon is called the line crawling.
  • Dangers of Line Crawling--Rail gap uneven and sleeper skew can cause great damage to the track, endangering traffic safety.
  • Measure of Prevent Climbing-- Install rail anchor.

How Many Types of Rail Anchors Are There In The World?

  1. Orbital rail anchor, fastening rail anchor, shaw rail anchor.
  2. Commonly used in the rail tracks and steel rails used in buildings.
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