What Should Be Noted When Tightening the Fishplate and Fish Bolt?

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Fish Bolt Overview

Fish bolt used in rail joint (fishplate) connection, play a fixed role, and sometimes can be replaced with hexagonal bolts.

tightening fishplate and fish bolt

Use of Fish Bolt

Fish bolts are mainly used in the metallurgical industry, coking industry, rail laying of the steel industry, rail and rail joint connection fastening.

The Model and Material of Fish Bolt

Fish bolt general models are Φ14×70,Φ16×75,Φ18×90,Φ20×90,Φ22×135,Φ24×135,Φ24×145,Φ24×170 and so on. Most of them are friction press molding, buckle 50mm long, there is cold forming, and coupling is used in rail joint.

What Should Be Noted When Tightening the Fishplate and Fish Bolt?

model and material of fish bolt
  • Fish bolt, fishplate and the contact place of them need to oil.
  • When through the bolts, nuts should be staggered inside and outside.
  • Tighten the fish bolts should pay attention to the order, such as with the four-hole fish plate, first tighten the middle of the two, and then on both sides, tighten on both sides, then the middle two tight once again.
  • When screwing the fishtail bolts, use one 55cm screwdriver, whichever is not too long or two wrenches.
  • When the fish bolt is not put on, the hammer should be hammered at the ends of the fish plate, and the eyes should be aimed at.
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