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Type Ⅰ Rail Clip Fasteners

Type Ⅰ rail clip fasteners consists of screw spike, nut, flat washer, X-shaped rail clip, rail tie plate, gauge baffle, baffle plate and railway rubber pad and other parts. As a rail fastening parts, rail clip uses bending deformation and torsion deformation of materials, makes structure more reasonable.
type Ⅰ rail clip fasteners

Rail clip is used to buckle the rail, made by diameter of 13mm steel hot rolled spring, and divided into A, B two models. In addition to the 50 rail joint No. 14 gauge baffle installed B type rail clips, the rest were installed A type rail clips. 60 rail will be installed B type rail clips. Gauge baffle is used to adjust the gauge and to transmit transverse forces. The baffle plate is supported by the baffle plate, and has sufficient insulation performance. The baffle seat two slopes with different thickness can be exchanged to use gauge adjustment.

Type Ⅰ rail clip fasteners have good elasticity, less pressure loss, can better keep track geometry, have become a worldwide PC rail line main type fastener, applicable to curved section of standard gauge railway line and radius of not less than 300m.

Raised Type Ⅰ Rail Clip Fasteners

Raised type Ⅰ rail clip fasteners consists of type Ⅰ rail clips, gauge baffle, baffle plate, railway rubber pad, raised rail tie plate and screw spikes. Increase the amount of 20mm, while the ordinary type Ⅰ rail clip is 8mm ~ 10mm. Raised type Ⅰ rail clip fasteners only applies to 60kg / m rail, with A-type rail clips. TF-Y-type spring fastener for 50kg / m rail monolithic curved track section, allowing the maximum amount of up to 20mm, with adjustable plate to adjust the level.

raised type Ⅰ rail clip fasteners

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