Railroad Spikes Length and Weight Specification

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Railroad Spike Specification—Length

Railroad spikes have a variety of production standards in common, such as common standard: 838, 10*100 spike, 12*120 spike, 14*130 spike, 16*165 spike, in addition to the wholesale custom tasks are commonly used in the 16*205 spike, 16*230 spike, 16*225 spike, and 16*280 of different specifications and types of railroad spikes. According to the regulation of different specifications, the length of the spike is also different. This different spike length is according to different environment. Under different environmental conditions on the different requirements of railway spike, caused the difference of the length.

railroad spikes length
railroad spikes weight.

Railroad Spike Specification—Weight

The weight of the railroad spike in different spike is often needed to pay attention to in production. It's not just from the side the production material made of railroad spike limit (with different material production of spike weight is difference), provides convenience for railroad spike detection test. A railroad spike weight in the consistent appearance of the larger products better. It can play its role better in the process of using a railroad spike.

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