How To Treat The Railroad Segmentation Problem For A City

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As more and more railroad lines have been laid, it is no exceptionally unusual for people that trains pass through the city. Are the railroad tracks all over the city really bad for the city layout? Is there any restriction on the direction of city development? Due to transportation needs, different railroad lines generally adopt different standards and steel rails. The international standard rail price is generally higher, and the laying requires huge labors and costs. Once the railroad is laid down, it is impossible to be demolished in a short period. Thus, for the segmentation problem of a city, how many methods can we use to weaken the bad influence?

Seamless Connection of Railroad Tracks and City Roads

In the past, railroad tracks were directly laid in a city. Take Paris for example, the steel rails were laid in the lawn that is just like common grassland when no train passes. Another example is Tokyo. The train passes through the middle of the road. As the train passes, the residents need to stop and wait. Because these railroad tracks were built very earlier, they did not adopt international standard steel rail. Most of them used the heavy steel train rail. When these locomotives run through a city, they will generate more noise. Although heavy steel train rail made in China is very good in quality, most of the railroad tracks inside a city adopt light railroad tracks with the technology development now. On these tracks, only a few slow speed locomotives are still running currently. And the operation is not particularly frequent. The light railroad track manufacturers have obtained broad marketing development. Therefore, the segmentation influence for a city is not obvious.
Seamless Connection of Railroad Tracks and City Roads

Common Mode of Railroad Track Through a City

In order to handle the contradiction between a railroad track and urban road properly and minimize their intersection, the three-dimensional mode is used in the intersection area of:

  • The main trunk of railroad track and heavy traffic road in a city or its suburb.
  • The marshaling yard, sector station, other big stations, and the road.
  • The main line of high-speed railroad and the road at any level
  • special terrains that can be used in the following situations of:
    1. When the railroad track is close to ground elevation, the underpass channel can be designed.
    2. When the road is close to ground elevation, the flyover can be designed.
    3. When there are trenches and other special terrains, the design combined with the terrain can be directly adopted.
    4. The minimum clearance altitude requirements in design specifications for the three-dimensional intersection:
      • When the road is above the railroad track:
        As a train is tracked by steam and diesel locomotive, it is 5.5m.
        As a train is tracked by an electric locomotive, it is 6.55m.
        Under difficult conditions, it is 6.2m. 
      • When the road is under the railroad:
        As a car passes, it is 4.4m.
        As a car or other special vehicle passes, it is 5.5m.
        As pedestrians, carts and livestock pass, it is 2.5m.

There is a more complicated mode of passing through a city. That is the elevated overpass. Many roads are built in the air form a multi-ring road connecting in all directions. This mode will influence normal train operation of railroad lines under the overpass.

All the above modes are to solve the problem between the railroad track and a city by using three-dimensional space. To a certain extent, it may weaken the segmentation sense caused by railroad track crossing the city. In addition, people must realize that the segmentation problem is caused not only by the railroad track but also the city planning. In more cases, knowing that a railroad track passes, actual planning scheme does not increase the density of the road network, resulting in the number of roads crossing the railroad is too small. Many roads are terminated on both sides of the railroad line, and then the end breakage roads will form. Naturally, this will reduce the contact on both sides of the railroad line.
railroad line

In many cities, the segmentation problem is also serious on both sides of the railroad line. Personally, the protection forest on both sides of the railroad line occupies too much space. This increases the distance between the two sides. As the distance increases, it will bring the pedestrians the degree of unfriendliness in the aspect of passing through it greatly. Basically, the vehicles will only cross the railroad line. As we know, railroad bureau does not participate in city transportation planning, and people have not too close relation with the railroad station in daily life, These factors have further expanded the distance sense between the railroad and the city.

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