How Many Holes Should There Be on The Rail Tie Plate?

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How Many Holes on Rail Tie Plate

how many holes on rail tie plate

If you look carefully may find the rail tie plate will have different number of holes according to different needs. Except with different numbers of holes, the shape of the holes will be also different.

The shapes of hole in rail tie plates basically include three types: square hole, round hole and elliptical hole. Square hole is generally matched with a dog spike to use on wooden sleepers. Round hole is generally matched with screw spike to use on PSC sleepers. Elliptical hole is generally matched with screw spike to use on PSC sleepers, too. Different rail tie plates apply to different types of rails. Perhaps most interesting, the number of hole in railway tie plates is so different from each other. The size and position of hole is also different from each other as required. If we can classify the tie plates as the number of hole in them, we can get the result of types as follows.

2-Hole Railroad Tie Plate

2-hole railroad tie plate

3-Hole Railroad Tie Plate

3-hole railroad tie plate

4-Hole Railroad Tie Plate

4-hole railroad tie plate

5-Hole Railroad Tie Plate

5-hole railroad tie plate

6-Hole Railroad Tie Plate

6-hole railroad tie plate

7-Hole Railroad Tie Plate

7-hole railroad tie plate

8-Hole Railroad Tie Plate

8-hole railroad tie plate

Other Railroad Tie Plate

other railroad tie plate

From the rail tie plate used with common rail spike or simple railway fastening system to those complicated and exquisite in structure and used on all kinds of railway lines, the development of the railway tie plate reflects that its technological level has made giant leap. For instant of the hole in the tie plate, it has been well done seen wherever from its edge to angle.

The hole is the stress concentration area. Even in the production process, it also may lead to deformation of the rail tie plate hole or its damage. Therefore, the quality level of the railway tie plate can be identified from the evaluation of its hole.

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