Can the Rail System with No Fastening?

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Rail System with No Fastening, Is It a Joke?

As you all know, the safety of rail system cannot be separated from the fastening protection of rail fasteners. Our rail tracks are supported by rail tie plate, railway rubber pad and other rail fasteners, as well as fasteners such as rail clips, rail clamps, track spikes and other fasteners to enable trains to operate on a smooth railway line.
rail fasteners in rail syatem

Rail Bolts Being Shock Vibration

Train running with high speed, high-speed train and rail tracks contact unceasingly, the formation of vibration is very large. Fasteners in the railway system, will be subject to varying degrees of tremendous impact, this process over time, it will cause the fasteners wear, aging, or even broken, affecting the safety of train operations. Although in order to avoid rail bolts being shock vibration fly at high speed railway, production process will require screw and nut close contact and touch seamless, very hard to loosen. However, long time high speed tremor, may inevitably cause individual bolts deformation and wear. Under the circumstances, we need to increase the intensity of railway maintenance, regular security checks, found hidden dangers of rail parts. Make sure timely replacement of bad rail fasteners, protection of security along the railway.
rail fasteners maintenance

Rail Joint Fracture

Apart from rail bolts, the fracture of rail joint is also a huge hidden trouble in railway security. Early in France occurred in a train derailment incident, and the investigation revealed that the reason is that the railway connecting parts of the fracture caused. The connection part here exactly point to rail joint which used to link the two sections of the rail tracks. The rail joint fractured and cause two rail tracks loosen, then the train derailment. The safe operation of rail system should do with the strong guarantee of rail fasteners. It is totally impossible that rail system with no fastening. So we need to do some ordinary railway safety checks as usually, found aging parts in time, timely replacement old rail fasteners to ensure the safe operation of the railway.

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