Rail Spike Corrosion Analysis and Protection

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Rail Spike Corrosion Status Quo

rail spike corrosion analysis
In order to achieve the goal of high-speed heavy load transportation, it requires railway steel rail with high stability and balance, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the train. Rail spike state is good or not, is the key of whether railway fastener system effectively. After the rail sleepers laying online, along with the increase of the way to use time long exposure in the natural environment, easily resulting in the loss of material corrosion near threads and frustum of a cone, especially near the frustum of a cone after severe

corrosion because of not enough to resist torsional moment and tensile stress and broken. How to slow down the corrosion of rail spikes and prolong service life, reduce broken rail spike after the change of anchor workload, is a new task faced by our daily work.

Two Types of Rail Spike Corrosion

Chemical Corrosion of Rail Spikes

The main form of chemical etching is gas corrosion, namely metal oxidation process (chemical reaction with oxygen), spike in dry chemical corrosion is the gas in the air. Under the condition of the air is very dry, its surface adsorption of water film thickness is less than 10 nm, a continuous electrolyte membrane, corrosion rate is low, mainly for the chemical oxidation.

Electrochemical Corrosion of Rail Spikes

rail spike corrosion

Rail spike through sulfur anchorage way and the concrete sleeper on the connection, especially near the spike frustum of a cone, the surface in the humid air and train under the action of the wastewater, attach a layer of water film, and electrochemical corrosion, rail spike in atmospheric corrosion mainly oxygen corrosion.

By analyzing the causes of rail spike corrosion, we can take effective measures to prevent it. The corrosion of rail spikes on the rail line well be effectively controlled, can save material inputs and prolong the service life of rail spike. At the same time, slow down the change anchor working pressure, thus ensuring the stability of track framework, to ensure traffic safety.

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