Dog Spike Becomes a Knife, So Magical

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Along the railway, there are many railway parts were replaced due to wear and other reasons, such as railroad spikes, railway sleepers, rail joints, steel rails and so on. In the past, I saw many railway fittings of divergent thinking; arts and crafts were made recycling precedent, such as sleepers do small table, scrap rail tracks do racks, and dog spikes do wine rack and so on.

how to make railroad spike knife

In addition, you must not imagine using a disused railroad spike can also be made into a simple fashion knife, yes, that is so magical, turning waste into treasure. Prepare simple tool that requires only a few simple steps to complete a fashion knife.

use hammers heating dog spike

Let me introduce to you how to make a knife with a railroad spike. We need prepare some tools that we will need later. You need a hammer, a brazier, charcoal and a few flat hard object planes that hit the rear end of the railroad spike. You also need a belt sander used for post-grinding processing, grinding wheels and abrasive paper is essential.

First Step

heat railroad spike
hit railroad spike

Make lower part of the railroad spike fully into the charcoal burn until railroad spike showing bright red color, use iron clamp clip the railroad spike out, along the left and right sides percussion. On the percussion process, dog spike gradually cooling, just once percussion cannot make the railroad spike forming, so it is necessary to repeated heating processing several times, repeatedly struck to make the spike in blade shape.

Second Step

railway spikes hit
railway spikes hit

After the previous step, the blade part has begun to take shape, but it is still very thick. Next let us change a small hammer to carve on the edge of the railroad knife. We need through one hammer by one hammer to make the dog spike knife surface smoother and the blade edges thinner. The transition from knife handle to knife side tries to be radian smooth.

dog spike forging done

Third Step

dog spike filing

Uses file grinding the blade. Edged for your railroad spike knife is one of the most important processes of making a knife. A curved edge, along a direction down a sharp knife, the process requires a delicate operation and patient polishing.

Fourth Step

spike knife further belt sanding

Compared to the previous, our semi finished spike knife has begun to take shape, only the surface is uneven hammer about a hammer out mark, and then we will use the belt sander, polishing of surfaces and edges. This process requires us polished patiently, from every corner of the blade to the edge of the railroad knife, finely polished knife surface to smooth.

Fifth Step

spike knife surface polishing treatment

Processes of how to make a railroad spike knife we just left the last step, that is spike knife surface polishing treatment. Here we use the abrasive paper for polishing. Through repeated friction railroad spike knife flat, achieve the goal of fine grinding. If you want to make the railroad spike knife surface has very good gloss, simply repeat the friction, friction time delay, at the same time, you should be patient.

After the above steps, our spike knife has been finished! I feel that the production process is very simple and interesting. If you want a more artistic sense handle, you can also play creativity. The head of dog spike can carved into different patterns, such as a cool skull. There is nothing that can stop you from innovation.

completed railroad spike knife
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