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Buy wooden railroad ties, in addition to considering the price concessions, product quality is the key point that you need to consider. After all, the safety of railroad transport is very important, so if you want to buy low price wooden sleeper, at the same time with high quality, choose a professional wooden railroad ties manufacturer looks so necessary. All of this must be based on your fully understanding of wooden railroad ties, and then let’s talk about more details of wooden sleeper.

low price wooden sleeper

Wooden Railroad Ties with High-quality and Low Price

Advantages of Wooden Railroad Ties

Many kinds of woods can be selected as the materials to manufacture traditional wooden sleepers. The high strength and durable teak and oak woods are usually preferably adopted to be taken as rail sleepers. They are also cheap in price and easy to be manufactured. In addition, wooden railroad ties are characteristics of toughness and corrosion resistance, which can absorb more pressures arousing from trains’ running and be uneasy to fracture.

Disadvantages of Wooden Railroad Ties

Traditional wooden sleeper is easy to rotten because of the influences of pests, environment and climate. And the spike holes on the wood will be widened because of the long time use of and the rail spikes will be loosened as well. So the general service life of wooden railroad ties are only about ten years. After the special treatments, rail sleepers can get the target of controlling pests and prolonging the service life. However, we have to say that because the strength of wood cannot be always enough to bear tremendous stress caused by the long rails, and the service life is far less than the PC rail sleepers. So in the future the wooden railroad ties can be possibly used on temporary rail sections or rail turnout sections that have to bear larger shocks.

Rules in Use

The wooden sleepers shall comply with the following rules in use:

  • A. The wider plane of the wooden railroad tie shall face down to be laid. As top and bottom planes are the same wide, we should ensure that the plane with the pith faces down.
  • B. At the connection places, we should use good quality wood.
  • C. The splitting or facture wooden railroad ties shall be bundled or use the nail plate before being laid.
  • D. For new wooden sleepers, we should pre-drill the holes before the use. The diameter of the hole is 12.5mm. If the tie plate is also provided with, we should make the hole be 110mm deep; without the tie plate, the hole depth should be 130mm deep. When the screw spikes are used, we shall do similarly as the ordinary spikes’ requirements.  
  • D. At the places of changing the railway lines, the wood piece for the spike hole shall be 110mm long, 15mm wide and 5-10mm thick with the proper treatment.

Buy Low Price Wooden Sleeper With Less Repair and Maintenance

Once the wooden railroad tie fails, we should replace it immediately from the railway line to ensure traffic safety. But the traffic density increases, it is more difficult to replace it.

Wooden Sleeper With Less Repair and Maintenance

Nowadays the concrete patching material and technology develops, so we have adopted the repair method to deal with the crack problem of the rail sleeper. After all, the performance of bearing capacity and other use of the cracked sleeper is not reduced. The immediate repair can avoid corrosion and crack development, maintaining the durability of its structure and prolonging the service life. We can obtain better technical and economic benefits. Next, we will introduce several methods of the repair and maintenance.

  • A. Flatten, bundle, seam filling and install nail plate to repair the wooden railroad ties.
  • B. Use epoxy resin to repair the partially damaged concrete wooden railroad ties.
  • C. Use the anchor method to repair screw spikes that are loosened or fail. 

Old rail sleepers can be divided into three types:

  • First, the re-used wooden railroad ties that can be repaired or repaired slightly
  • Second, the wooden railroad ties to be repaired
  • Third, the waste wooden railroad ties that cannot be repaired any longer. 

The wooden sleepers replaced from the railway lines should be timely recycled, stacked in the classification in order to do centralized storage and make reasonable use.

AGICO Group and our affiliated or cooperated plants own rich experience and advanced equipments in manufacture industry of wooden railroad ties. Now we have manufactured many types of rail sleepers for foreign clients. In addition, we can make various customized products in strict accord with different standards or according to the drawings and requirements of clients. If you want to buy low price wooden sleeper with high quality, contact us is your best choose.

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