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Improving the efficiency of railway transport has always been an important goal of railway industry practitioners in various countries. One of the breakthrough points to improve the efficiency of railway transportation is to make passengers feel that high-speed rail is a highly intelligent means of transportation.

Upgrade railway hardware configuration

To improve the efficiency of railway transportation is to increase the quantity of people and goods that the train can carry. These can be improved by update railway hardware, such as optimizing train compartments, marshalling, expanding tunnels, stations. Or, just let the trains run at speed consistent with the design speed, etc.
Improving the efficiency of railway transport

Generally speaking, the world's recognized the train speed of 100 kilometers per hour is regular, 120 for medium speed, 160 kilometers per hour for fast, 200 to 400 kilometers per hour for high speed, more than 400 kilometers per hour for super high speed. Is it safe for trains to travel at such a high speed in China, where some high-speed trains can now reach 420 kilometers per hour?

  • First, high strength rail fasteners have been used when the high-speed rail is laid, and every rail and every bolt is made of composite steel of encrypted material. The use of these high-strength rail fasteners ensures that high-speed trains have a good operating foundation.
  • Second, high-speed trains loaded on wheel-rail anti-disconnect devices, so even in extreme cases, the train wheel will not leave the track line.
  • Finally, by adopting advanced security technology, setting up intelligent sensing system, establishing a powerful safety monitoring system, trains can automatically warn or alarm when abnormal, and can automatically take speed limit or stop measures according to safety policy. To ensure train safety in case of accident.

Upgrading railway software configuration

The optimization of intelligent railway is not only reflected in the exploration of hardware, but also in the software that passengers are most concerned about.

Make the data more vivid, decrease the distance between the data and the passengers

Station is the hub of railway data, where passengers will first contact all kinds of data, from train number to platform code, etc. However, if passengers can also have self-help inquiry, it will greatly facilitate the travel of passengers.

The inquiring instrument can scan the QR code of the passengers’ train tickets, according to the official data of the station and other railway, directly tell the passenger about the running condition of the train, the waiting area, the station platform, and even the color of the waiting station sign used by this train. And retain the function of printing details for passengers, which will greatly benefit the public during the trip. Related functions should also be placed on Internet platforms to facilitate self-travel.

Using QR codes and smartphones to make railway travel smarter and more convenient

Mobile phone, especially smart phone, is the most common communication tool and the most common Internet terminal. In China, QR code payment, QR code communication has become a very popular means of information exchange, it has brought convenience to all. We intelligent railway optimization, the need for such a convenient mode of information exchange. We can do a good job of railway intelligence by using smart phones and QR codes.

We can use mobile phones to buy tickets, and then form electronic tickets. We can generate QR codes at the end of the phone, or print them as paper tickets. Moreover, in order to prevent the abuse of QR codes, the QR codes can be changed dynamically. After checking into the station to change to a new QR code, the ticket will be changed again when checking in, and the valid QR code will be changed and recovered when leaving the station, so as to prevent it from being illegally used, and then sweep the QR code again, and at most print the driving certificate once, and then it will not be used again.
Using QR codes and smartphones to make railway travel smarter and more convenient

In fact, digital technology has been implemented in many stations. During the 2018 Chinese Spring Festival transportation, railway service has entered an intelligent era. In Guangzhou South Railway Station, the station has nearly 100 functional areas of import and export, in such a large, crowded station to find people, find places or cars, has been a headache in the past.

Before the Spring Festival, the WeChat public number of "Smart Guangzhou South Station" was launched. As long as the mobile phone pays attention to the "Smart Guangzhou South Station" public number and turns on Bluetooth, passengers will be able to use the newest and most intelligent indoor positioning and navigation system of the Guangzhou South Station, whether by subway. Ride-hailing, taxi, or intercity traffic, self-driving passengers can easily find their destination.

Similar intelligent means in Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Changsha and other places will also be put into Spring Festival. In Wuhan railway station east, west two entrances, 32 "brush face into the station channel" to replace the traditional manual ticket check-in channel. Passengers simply swipe their tickets and ID cards at the terminal, brush their faces at the camera, and check in. Passengers on the high-speed train can even get in with their ID cards and faces.

Intelligent Railway Optimization has a long way to go

The synchronization optimization of hardware and software will obviously help the intelligent operation of the world railway. From the fastener of railway to the intelligent service of the whole process of passenger riding, whether it is the safety of track operation or the convenience of ride experience day by day, the development of intelligent railway is always a cause that can not stop. The continuous improvement of railway transportation efficiency can not be separated from the continuous construction of intelligent railway.

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