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Insulated rail joint (IRJ) is an essential and crucial component in track circuit that controls both the signaling and the broken rail identification systems and has been regarded as a safety critical element in the track structure design. They can prevent electrical current from the flowing between the ends of two adjoining rails, and be creating a track circuit section. The insulated joint bars can use an insulated end post between rail ends to prevent the rail ends from shorting out.

Insulated Rail Joint Specification

There are three types of the insulated joint bars:

  • A. Continuous insulated rail joints
  • B. Non-continuous insulated rail joints
  • C. Bonded insulated rail joints

For continuous insulated joint bars, so-called continuous here means that they continuously support the rail base. No metal contact exists between the joint bars and the rails. Insulated fiber bushings and washer plates are used to isolate the bolts from the bars. The joint bars are shaped to fit over the base of the rail. This type of insulated joint requires a special tie plate called an "abrasion plate" to support the joint properly.
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For non-continuous insulated rail joints, so-called non-continuous here means that they don't continuously support the rail base. A special insulating tie plate is required on the center tie of a supported, non-continuous insulated joint. Metal washer plates are placed on the outside of the joint bar to prevent the bolts from damaging the bar.

There are two common kinds of non-continuous insulated rail joints:

  • a. Glass fiber
  • b. Polyurethane encapsulated bar

Polyurethane insulation completely surrounds the core, including the bolt bole - providing superior insulating properties.

Bonded Joints are epoxy bonded to rail making an inert joint. They must require extensive field preparation including physical and chemical cleaning of the rail ends before installation of the bars. When being installed properly, we can say that the joint is permanent. The care that is required for detailed installation can be overcome by installing plugs. Plugs have bonded joints installed in rails and are thermite welded or bolted into track.
insulated rail joint specification

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