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What Are Main Rail Clip Fastener Types in The World?

Depending on the national conditions and usage habits, the world has developed a variety of rail clip types to adapt to the development of railway transportation. Rail clip fastener using E-type clips and PR-type clips, its use throughout the United States, Canada, India, more than 70 countries and regions.
main rail clip fastener types

German railway use amount of famous HM-type rail clip fasteners which fastening with SKL clips was made a good effect on the railway line, is also widely used in some other countries and regions. Holland DE-type rail clip fastener and Swiss FIST-type rail clip fastener is both use rail clip as fastening parts, the use is also very good. Japan and France are the countries who use rail clamps instead of rail clips as fastening parts, including the famous French Nabeul rail fasteners, very well-known 102-type rail fasteners in Japan Hokkaido Shinkansen.

Rail Clip Fastener Types in China

The rail clip fasteners work in the use of material bending deformation performance, and also use the material tensional deformation properties (especially circular cross section rail clip), which is generally better elasticity, while essentially no cross-section weakened, so the material utilization is high. In conventional railway lines, usually want rail fasteners have large fastening pressure and good elasticity; the rail clip fasteners have obvious advantages. At present, China's railway and other railway traffic on most of them use rail clip type fastening parts, the main form of China's rail clip fastening parts are: W-type rail clip, Ⅰ type clip,Ⅱtype clip Ⅲ type clip, WJ-2 type rail clip and so on.
rail clip fastener

Rail Clip Type Models

TF-Y type, Ⅰtype, Ⅱtype (WJ-3), WJ-2 type, Ⅲ type (WJ-4), WJ-5, Ⅳtype, Ⅴtype, WJ-7 type, WJ-7A type, WJ-7B type, WJ-8 type, WJ-8A type, WJ-8B type, WJ-8C type, DⅠtype, DTⅢ-2 type, DTⅣ-1 type, DTⅥ-1 type, DTⅥ-2 type, SKL type, SKL type (SKL1,SKL2,SKL3,SKL12,SKL14,SKL15,SKLB15), DFF14 type, 300 type (W300-1a, W-300-lu), DFF300 type, PR type (PR85,PR309,PR401,PR601,PR601A), E type (E1609,E1806,E1809,E1813,E1817,E2001,E2003,E2006,E2007,E2009,E2031,E2055,E2055XL,E2056,E2063), FAST type, SFC type and so on.

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