How to Choose Rail Flat Washer Materials

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Rail Flat Washer Materials

Rail flat washer is an important fastener in the rail fastening system. How to choose the material of the rail flat washer, and what should we pay attention to in the selection process? By understanding the material application, with reference to relevant materials, share this knowledge with you. Frequently encountered material standard: GB (China national standard), ISO (international standards) AISI/SAE (American national standards), DIN (German national standard), and JIS (Japan standard).

rail flat washer
railroad flat washer

Railroad flat washer material without mechanical performance requirements of flat washer generally made of Angle materials, such as Q235A, high hardness requirement but not can use thicker sheet metal calendering meet the requirements of hardness. Rail spring and other anti-loose washers are generally used 65Mn 70 # or S 50CM-S 70CM manufacturing, to go through heat treatment (quenching + tempering). The material of rivet and haft rivet are the same with rail bolts, but some rivets hardness cannot be too high, and even some requirements of HRB60 or less, the general normalization of material hardness in HRB70-80. Therefore, some of them should be annealed in order to achieve performance requirements. Self-drilling screw materials commonly used C1018 C1020 C1022 etc, but some manufacturers to save costs, cut corners, using 18 # 15 # # 20 more with some manufacturers use Q235A, then surface carburizing treatment finished, made of self-tapping screw her heart of toughness cannot meet the requirements, easy to break. Stainless steel fasteners commonly used are: 200 series, 300 series, and 400 series. 200 series include SUS201, SUS202, 30 series include SUS301, SUS302, SUS303, SUS304, SUS316; 400 series include SUS410, SUS440.

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